Here we will be sharing our experiences, tips, hacks and handy information that will aid your interior design journey.

About Me

I’m Lara. I help people master interior design and decorations and I show them how to create income streams from it.

With about 15years experience in this industry and having successfully built businesses that serve clients across Nigeria and beyond, I have what it takes to help others learn the ropes.

I am passionate about creating beautiful and comfortable spaces and I enjoy teaching others how to do the same.

When you come on board my course, you will soon know how to:

**design any space from scratch

** Plan & furnish interior spaces

** Decorate & accessorise spaces

**Combine and work with colours

**Choose styles and themes for different spaces

**Make money from interior design & decoration

Together, you and I will work to awaken and embolden the designer in you.

In addition to my M.Sc in Architecture, I have taken online courses in Interior design and decorations. I have helped many people begin their own interior design career and business through direct and online trainings.
I have engaged with several businesses and individuals, helping them improve their daily experiences and productivity through designs and upgrade of their living and work spaces.

I’m looking forward to sharing my wealth of experience with you as you come on this exciting and truly rewarding journey. The world awaits you.